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General Education Competencies

All Wallace Community College graduates will demonstrate the following competencies:

Critical Thinking.

  • The ability to analyze problems by differentiating fact from opinions, using evidence from diverse sources effectively, and using sound reasoning to specify multiple solutions and their consequences.

Effective Communication.

  • The ability to effectively convey thought in a clear, well-organized manner to persuade, 通知, and exchange ideas in 学术, 工作, and 社区 settings.

Quantitative Literacy (Reasoning) or Numeracy.

  • The ability to identify, analyze, and solve problems that are quantitative in nature.

Scientific and Technological Effectiveness.

  • The ability to use processes, 程序, data, or evidence to solve problems and make effective decisions, using the appropriate technology effectively for 通知ational, 学术, 个人, and professional needs.

Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Based on Knowledge of the Individual and Society.

  • The ability to apply self-assessment, 意识, and reflection strategies to inter个人, 工作, 社区, 职业生涯, and educational pathways, respectfully engaging with other cultures in an effort to understand them.